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Dr Lollie

Inertia Creeps: Dr Lollie and David Cormack

Dr Lollie Mancey and Dave Cormack dive into the crossroads of ethical AI and neurodiversity, as they uncover the hidden truths, challenging biases, and envision a future where technology champions all forms of human diversity.

AI, Jobs and the quest of equality and meaning | Ways of Working

This engaging conversation between Lucas and Dr.Lollie delves into the profound impact of artificial intelligence on the job market. They explore the multifaceted ways in which AI can enhance the quality of work, redefine the search for purpose within our careers and open up a plethora of opportunities for innovation and personal development. Join them as they unpack the complexities and the exciting potential that AI brings to the future of employment.

What it Takes to innovate your career with design thinking

Feel like you’ve lost your way a bit? Enough doubting your ability, maybe it’s time to reframe your thinking. What’s your value in life? Perhaps your job of the future doesn’t even exist yet! Everything is possible – reframe your mentality from ‘but’ and ‘I can’t’ to ‘Yes, and…’

The Global Discussion – Dr Lollie Mancey

Dr Lollie Mancey is an accomplished entrepreneur and academic who has made significant contributions to the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship and education. She is the Programme Director and entrepreneurial specialist at UCD’s Innovation Academy. She designs and teaches courses on the ethics of artificial intelligence, innovation, entrepreneurship and organizational change.

Keynote Speaker

Sprout Social Ltd (social media company) AGM 13 June 2023 Presented on Resilience in the workplace 

UCD Festival of Lifelong Learning 27 June 2023 O Reilly Hall, University College Dublin Presented on AI and the Future: Utopia or Dystopia?

St Vincent’s Hospital 10 October 2023 Clinical Audit Masterclass Presented on An AI Future in the medical world

Dublin Volunteer Leadership Conference 7 November 2023 Presented on The Art of the Possible: Innovating for success