Meet Dr. Lollie Mancey – a powerhouse in progressive education, innovation, entrepreneurship and the future workplace. As Programme Director at UCD’s Innovation Academy, she drives innovation and empowers entrepreneurs.

With a PhD in Organisational Learning and a background in Anthropology, Dr. Lollie brings a unique perspective to innovation and entrepreneurship. A standout educator she’s won prestigious teaching awards demonstrating her commitment to student growth.

Beyond academia, Dr. Lollie is a serial entrepreneur, directing three successful businesses. Her business savvy and innovation contribute to her continued success and she champions underrepresented entrepreneurs.

An accomplished storyteller, she’s the Dublin Story Slam Champion and hosts a radio show and podcast, sharing insights globally. A sought-after speaker advocating for progressive education, equality, and diversity, she brings authenticity and credibility to her passionate advocacy.

Dr. Lollie doesn’t shy away from challenges. She delves into artificial intelligence and ethics, exploring societal navigation through cultural and technological shifts. Her focus on resilience and adaptability reflects her commitment to shaping a thriving future.

Dr Lollie

In conclusion, Dr. Lollie’s credentials are extraordinary. From innovation and entrepreneurship to teaching and advocacy, she inspires a brighter, more inclusive future.