The journey of the entrepreneur is undoubtedly an undulating journey of peaks and troughs – where failures are reframed as opportunities to start again and become essential learning experiences. This podcast explores the world of the Irish entrepreneur and engages with people making a difference. They share their stories; of how they got started; what keeps them going; of betrayals; intrigue; surprises; setbacks and ultimately success – however they define it. Dr Lollie Mancey has walked the walk as a serial entrepreneur herself and brings you into the world of people just like you – who found their passion and made it their business.

Dr Lollie

An Entrepreneur Like You:

Rachel Gotto

A nautically themed podcast and radio show this month – meet Rachel Gotto who ‘loves people’ and has the most fascinating story. Rachel was born on the boat in West Cork (when her family arrived into Ireland in 1968 on the way to New Zealand) and from there her destiny and love of Ireland was sealed.

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Rachel’s story is one of having faced extreme adversity, enormous healing both physically and mentally, and deep reflection with self-awareness. This is an edge-of-the-seat tale – with a trigger warning for those facing trauma. Grab a cup of tea and hunker down – and let us take you on the most transformative journey and beyond.

Conor Sweeny

Happy New Year! Meet Conor Sweeny, founder of DAE Ice cream – cracking start to 2024 – we delve into all sorts of deliciousness together. Conor taught himself to cook at 17 when he went vegetarian which opened a whole new world of opportunity. He began in a small cafe called Thyme out in Dalkey in 2016 and went on to complete a bachelors degree from DIT (now TUD in culinary arts).

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During the first lockdown of Covid he was watching Tiger King (with the rest of the world) and eating a tub of plant-based ice cream. It was bad. Very bad. He thought to himself that he could do better. So it began. From there he has built a veritable empire of ice cream treats and is on the verge of a very exciting expansion. Tune in and lick your lips to this gorgeous tale of an (almost accidental) ice cream entrepreneur!