Dr. Lollie Mancey


Anthropologist || AI Ethicist || Radio Show & Podcast Presenter

Keynote Speaker || Award Winning || Storyteller & Entrepreneur

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The Global Discussion – Dr Lollie Mancey

“We are delighted to have Dr Lollie Mancey on The Global Discussion to discuss her insights on innovation, entrepreneurship, and education.”

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The journey of the entrepreneur is one of peaks and troughs, a world where failures are just opportunities to start again and become new learning experiences. This podcast will explore the world of the Irish entrepreneur, and engage with people making a difference.

Lollie speaker

Keynote Speaker Award Winning Storyteller & Entrepreneur

Catalysing change through innovative strategies and distinctive approaches, Lollie redefines the landscape for corporations and institutions globally.

Lollie taps into the deep well of truth to ensure that event attendees have a life-altering experience. Her aim is to embolden people to take audacious strides in the domains of technology, leadership, and performance. She has graced the stages of the most cutting-edge companies, including – Department of Education, Sprout Social, All Tech is Human and UCD.

This engaging conversation between Lucas and Dr.Lollie delves into the profound impact of artificial intelligence on the job market.

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